About us


With over 45 years in the market, we have established ourselves as a leading authority in consultancy and risk management in Uruguay.

Since 1976 Galati Seguros operates in the market as a specialized company in technical and commercial advice for all kind of risks, for both individuals and companies.

Our wide knowledge and experience on the insurance market, together with a team of trained and constantly updated professionals, allows us to provide a quality service, with solutions adapted to every situation and needs of each of our customers.

And if we do not find any suitable product that fits our policy holder’s particular reality, we create it..


In addition to offering an extensive portfolio to protect personal and business risks, what sets us apart is our commitment to service. We strive to provide excellent care, tailored to understand the specific needs of each of our clients to promote and safeguard their interests.

We have designed a service model that consists of:


We start with comprehensive advisory services for our policyholders. This process begins by ‘listening’ to their concerns, and then analyzing the risk with the aim of finding the most favorable, personalized, robust, and enduring solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals


Once the most suitable coverage to protect properties and at-risk interests has been found, we take the next step. SECOND STAGE involves placing the insurance with the appropriate insurance company.


In the THIRD STAGE, we focus on managing and servicing the account to provide the utmost satisfaction to our clients. Here, we concentrate on overseeing the compliance with contractual obligations by the selected company, as well as providing guidance and administration for any modifications or adjustments that may be necessary during the policy’s term



At Galati Seguros , we aim to provide our policyholders with products and services that meet their protection, security, and peace of mind needs.

Delivering innovation, expertise, and excellence, alongside a work methodology that invariably begins and ends with our clients, is our primary COMMITMENT.

And we make this possible because our work is based on our fundamental pillars:

Ethics, Loyalty, Proximity, Respect, Human Quality, and Honesty


To professionally and responsibly advise current and potential clients, in order to provide them with a high-quality service, both qualitatively and quantitatively, that meets their needs for protection, security, and peace of mind.


To continue being leaders in insurance advisory through the continuous improvement of our processes, with the goal of providing excellent service that allows us to further solidify ourselves as a profitable and enduring company over time.


Galati Seguros S.R.L. is committed to:

-Providing a service of responsible advisory, above all ethical and humane, by all staff and management.

-Efficiently responding to the needs of our clients, anticipating them and incorporating activities, services, and processes that allow for the continuous improvement of our quality management system.

-Respecting and complying with the regulations applicable to our activity to ensure the sustainability of our organization.

-Staying constantly updated regarding market changes, providing all necessary tools and training to our staff to perform their work optimally.